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About us

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The company KUTEK MOOD born because we always loved beauty...

With dreams of creating something unique and mine...
For many years we created lamps in the KUTEK family business, trying to make them unique. Today we want to introduce you to our new design lamps with a more modern touch.

Developing a passion, a penchant for creating atmosphere, a new brand range that combines modernity, with classic design and elegance.

We want to help create a unique atmosphere in your rooms with top quality materials, simple form and a style with individual, informal elegance.

With our years of experience, we hope to make you satisfied with the quality of the workmanship of our lamps and the atmosphere they will bring to your home. Because lamps are light, and light is joy and happiness and that is what we want for our customers.

We have fun in creating their individual ambience.

Best Regards

Monika i Michał Kutek

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